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'The Feeling's Mutal' logo.
The Co-operative Party has launched The Feeling's Mutual, a campaign to build a better economy to put the needs of ordinary people first. visit (opens in a new window)


Social justice is at the heart of the Co-operative message and our values are honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others.

To quote Bob Burlton, the leader of Co-operative Financial Services:

'The co-operative and mutual movements have never been more relevant - giving services that are ethical, mutual and co-operative.'

The Party is the political branch of the Co-operative tree, and is working with Labour for a fairer society. Its watchword is Politics for People. It gives people committed to co-operative principles the opportunity to make our society a place where people are put before profit, and profit has a social purpose.

The South West Peninsula Co-operative Party Council is responsible for organising the Co-operative Party in Cornwall, Somerset and Devon. We currently have three branches: Cornwall, Exeter & Devon, and Plymouth.

For more information contact: The Party Council Secretary. To join, please see our Membership page.

Speakers at Policy Conference - June 2015.

Somerset Branch Meeting 3 Jul 12 (during Co-operative Fortnight). Andrew North (Regional Secretary, Co-operative Group) gave an excellent presentation on Building Better Co-operative schools.